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Innovate Europe Design Contest 2016

Your participation could start the next design revolution!

Altera’s Innovate Europe Design Contest is a multi-discipline engineering design contest open to engineering students in Europe. This annual contest gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills by designing innovative digital circuits for implementation in Altera Field-Programmable Gate Arrays.

As the programmable logic leader, Altera encourages learning through innovation by holding this annual multi-discipline engineering design contest. CNFM, the National Coordination in Micro and Nano electronics training in France, co-organizes and supports the contest with Altera. The main goal of CNFM is to support innovation in education and science and the sharing of knowledge in France.

Altera’s Innovate Europe Design Contest 2016 welcomes the participation of enthusiastic, creative, and clever engineering students in Europe—turn your imagination into reality!

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